Thursday, 10 May 2018

Man in a Zen Ambulance

Crime and dark comedy in the Atomic Age 

Everyone is getting out of town. Teddy Boy yakuza fight it out with the Shoho girl gang while a Rita Hayworth film plays at the deserted cinema. The local temple being pulled down. A mean old lady wanders the streets with a mysterious shopping bag as a young barber gets his kicks out of a hand-held King Tut Multi-Speed. Out in the scrublands a nun tries to free a wartime bomber sticking out the side of a gigantic Buddhist statue. And don’t even mention those goddamn chimps doin’ that Elvis thing of theirs...

Enter Milo the Monk armed with a big gun trying to figure who exactly he’s meant to kill. The Colonel orders Luther and his bad-arsed girlfriend to take him out first. Then all hell breaks loose. Murder and mayhem as Milo, the yakuza, Luther, Rei and the Colonel all head into town for the final bloody showdown.  

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Transgender Elephant Blues

Meet three former British merchant seamen from Hull: Eric Suggs, Bert Fluckley and Ronald Bones

After sex reassignment surgery, the talented friends underwent a change of national orientation and became South Koran. They formed a signing trio, called themselves the Broken Blossoms and hit the road. The Blossoms toured throughout Thailand for the next eleven and a half months and proved immensely popular with audiences both young and old. Their biggest (self-penned) hit was the upbeat Elephant Blues Boogie. Tragically, the Blossoms’ promising career was cut short when their tour bus collided with a rogue buffalo outside the cement factory in Roi-Et.

Eric’s last words were, “Ladies, I think I’ve snagged my nylons…”

You can still see the bronze plaque, green with age, honouring the Blossoms in the garden of the Por Jai temple. The garden itself is now sadly neglected.  

Here’s a link to the only surviving footage of the three singers. It’s from 1954 at the old Tai Tai Recording Studios, which was on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. The Blossoms are rehearsing a cover of Mr. Sandman.


Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Meet Virginia

Date: August 1942.

Meet Virginia Davis.

Virginia is a supervisor in the Assembly and Repair Department at Corpus Christi Naval Air Base in Texas. She's hard-driving rivets into the tail section of a fighter aircraft. It's a tough job.

An important job.

She is being assisted by Charles Potter, an NYA rookie from Michigan.