Wednesday 19 September 2012

I sit back from my laptop and breath a sigh of relief. The first draft of Zen Ambulance is finished. The pace seems right. The balance between comedy and hi-octane action pitched where I wanted it. The ending is suitably enigmatic. Zen Ambulance - kind of Tarantino meets Asian Nikkatsu meets Spaghetti Western. Crazily cool, I hope...

I stand up, pace around the top floor of Colette, peer out the square window into the car park then sit down again. Elena has heard me from downstairs in the bakery and pops up to make sure I'm OK. She's got to know the signs.

I'm fine, I tell her.
You want another glass of wine? she asks.
Make it a large one, please.
Are you sure you're OK?
Yes, honestly. I always get flustered when I finish the first draft.
I thought you'd be happy.
No, not really. Plus I've got a date with a famous writer this afternoon.
Really? says Elena grinning. I thought you were the only famous writer in Kronstadt.
Oh, no. There's loads of us all over the place - like the popcorn sellers.
What's her name?
Stefania and she's one hell of an anime-tiger girl...