Monday 23 March 2015

Blackboard Jungle

I'm putting together the finishing touches to the cover art for Neville Changes Villages. Lots of retro fonts, pastel colours and black lines, etc. Sort of vaguely based on a 1961 film poster, rather cool Madison advertising execs and the BBC's drama about a 1950s newsroom.

And with the title I've tried to convey a sort of chalk-on-a-blackboard effect - the story's main character, Neville the Teddy Boy, teaches English in Thailand. There was that classic 50s film with a rock and roll backbeat called the Blackboard Jungle. Teaching, retro & rock and roll. Lovely. 

A Taste of Honey:

Mad Men (2007):

and The Hour from 2011:  

(Oh, and the title of the book is a play on Christopher Isherwood's Mr Norris Changes Trains. Mind you, not that that's got a massive amount to do with a dysfunctional Ted in 1990s Thailand)