Saturday 8 December 2012

Inflation Blues Boogie

I'm feeling deeply unhappy, unsettled. This is often happens when I've finished the first draft of a novel or actually got the damned thing completed and out to my publisher. I decide to head back to my apartment, change my socks and do something drastic. Take my mind off. Right Action.

Good grief! I reach Sex Shop and stare at the door. Edna Popup is no longing hanging there in all her inflatable plastic glory. Where has she gone? Has somebody actually bought her...? 

Four hours and ten minutes later I've downed two beers and three glasses of wine. I'm sat at a table near the piano in Exhibition 37, hunched over my laptop. My eyes hurt, my fingers ache. But I'm feeling happier. But not because of the booze. I'm feeling happier because I've managed to do three important things:
1) Change my socks
2) Find out from Monica what happened to Edna
3) Completely reworked the cover art for Shadows and Pagodas
the prequel and a third novel that continues the further adventures of Peter Fielding in Siam

(Of course I haven't actually written the prequel or spin-off yet but the cover art should give all three novels a coherent look. I also hope my readers will find the artwork attractive and thought provoking)         

Mister Fielding?
Yes? I reply looking up at the anime-tiger waitress.
Somebody sent you this, she says.
I take the postcard featuring a Budapest municipal waste incinerator and turn it over. There is a message. I recognise the handwriting. 
Get me the bill, please, I say. I've got to go.
Are you OK? says the waitress. You've gone pale.
Yeah, yeah. 
What's happened?
Something I thought I'd lost has been found and sent by special courier to a dwarf friend of mine in Hungary.
Something, Mister Fielding? Sounds like it might be important...
Hurry up and get me that bill.