Saturday 8 June 2013


I open my eyes. Morning sunlight is streaming into the carriage, empty apart from me. There is a faint smell of cigarette smoke mixed in with freshly cut oranges. Looking out of the window I can see Keleti Station in the distance. It's rapidly getting bigger. In a few minutes I’ll be arriving in Budapest.  

I had a strange dream sometime in the early hours. Imagine this large sphere made of glass or plastic spinning around in outer space; it’s all sort of glittery and sparkly like one of those Christmas toys you shake to prompt a fake snowstorm. Inside the sphere I can see my family: there’s my wife and I sitting on a sofa and at our feet our little daughter and son are playing on the floor together. We are completely absorbed in watching our children play. It’s as if we’re stuck or captured in a single moment. I watch them – us – with intense fascination. But, despite my best efforts, the sphere gradually spins away into the darkness and out of sight towards an unknown destination. Somewhere in time.

With a sigh I grab my trilby and get ready to leave the train. I need to meet Demetrius and finally find out what that mysterious delivery is from Thailand.