Friday, 1 June 2012

I'm going to have a pop at using images rather than Word to post information and commentary about aspects of my work. For the One Hand Clapping Novels I'm using lined paper with a few grungy things stuck on e.g. see the indented image. For Shadows and other gothic-type fiction I'm going to use parchment - or is that toooo predictable? Probably.

My first effort was reworking the original statement I posted defining what I meant by "Buddhist Noir". Hopefully, it looks a little more creative than the plain text I had up before. The next thing I did was to show how I reworked the original Zen saying that opens the novel. Again, in a way that it is more creative and combines noir and Zen Buddhist sensibilities. 

I'm using Serif Photo Plus x5. This is about right for my level of (limited) ability. I can see the cover art, image, etc. in my head but I can't quite conflate this with my technical skills to get it out there. I feel a bit like a designer trying to create a Modern Arne Jacobsen-style chair but ending up making a three-legged stool that wouldn't look out of place in a medieval Transylvanian hovel. 


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