Friday, 31 October 2014

Zen and the Art of the Teddy Boy

I've recently launched a satirical blog aimed at providing a peculiarly 'Jack Fielding' take on films, books and anything else that wanders into my sights. I hope my readers enjoy it as much I've enjoyed putting it together!

Currently working on a brand new edition of Neville Changes Villages after buying the rights back from Bangkok Books. My aim is to streamline the narrative, inject more pace and crank up the comedy dialogue to full volume. About halfway through. The story already feels as if it has stepped into a higher gear. Neville is finally beginning to shine. Really, really pleased. 
Following Matt Carrell's advice, I'm also going to start posting Zen-related content on my blogs. The idea will be to explain some of the Zen and more general Buddhist ideas that permeate the One Hand Clapping novels (Shadows and Pagodas too, thinking about it). 

I've given all my blogs a makeover, including new background art, links and more gadgets.
After Neville I'm going to make a start on putting the finishing touches to that collection of retro sci-fi stories...

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