Friday, 29 May 2015

Incredible offer

Is this the most INCREDIBLE offer ever?

The one everyone’s talking about from New York to 21 Long Tribble Lane, Accrington!
The Replica Mop Handle
Yes, EXCLUSIVE replicas of Nobby Tirpitz’s famous mop handle that he threw from the Hindenburg as it exploded over Lakeside Naval Air Station in 1937. 
Specially fashioned from GENUINE vulcanised imitation plastic by the RENOWNED female artisans of the Happy Heart Temple in Bangkok, complete with zinc-plated attachments. The handle also features Nobby’s FAMOUS message. Strictly limited edition.  
The renowned artisans
Comes in a bio-degradable GIFT box with card, signed by best-selling author Jack Fielding himself.

And that’s not all! Each replica comes with a FREE battery-operated toilet roll holder featuring an image of the airship with giant SWASTIKAS.  

All this for ONLY $799.15. Includes FREE worldwide delivery.   
Really big Swastikas
Contact the author NOW to take advantage of this AMAZING offer!

Hurry while stocks last! 

(No time wasters)
Nobby cleaning his friend's battleship in 1925 using actual mop

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